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International Community

Find Trainings and Coaching World-Wide

Since its beginnings in 2007, Wholeness Work has already become an international movement, with experienced coaches and Trainers in many countries and languages.

The links below can help you find a Wholeness Training or Coach in your language or country.

US/ International/ English Language

If you’d like to study with Connirae Andreas directly, you can join her Live Online training programs in English.

Europe: The European Wholeness Work Association

The European Wholeness Work Association is a thriving organization with the purpose of supporting anyone interested in the benefits of Wholeness Work.

In coordination with Connirae, the developer of Wholeness Work, the EU Wholeness Work Association has created a process for certifying coaches and trainers of Wholeness work.
While focusing on the European continent, this association is open to membership from people world-wide.

You can find a list of Certified Wholeness Coaches & Trainers at their website here. The trainers and coaches listed offer services in many European languages. You’ll find listings in German, Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian, and more.

In Person Trainings in Europe with Connirae

Connirae Andreas will personally teach Wholeness Levels I – III  “In Person” in Germany this September. 

Click Here for more information. 


Tamara Andreas has been traveling to Japan to teach in-depth Wholeness Work trainings since 2016. Learn about her trainings here.

Taiwan & China

In-depth Wholeness Work training is available in Taiwan and in Shenzhen, China, with Tamara Andreas. Click here to learn more

Recommended Coach and/or Trainer Pathway

The best way to become an effective and skilled Wholeness Work Coach or Trainer is outlined on this page

We are in the process of developing official Wholeness Work certification training programs for those wanting to become certified as a Wholeness Work coach or trainer, through Andreas NLP. 

Certification through the European Wholeness Work Association:

The European Wholeness Work Association already has a Coach and Trainer Certification Pathway in place. This program is in coordination with Connirae Andreas, and the steps are outlined here: