The Wholeness Work Level I - Live Online

Online Learning

The 2-Day Wholeness Training

The 8 hours of video training in this online course will teach you to gently dissolve the “I”, resolve a variety of problems from insomnia to relationship conflicts, and also teach you a different kind of meditation which can be very relaxing for the entire nervous system.

The 3-Day Wholeness Training

The 3-Day Wholeness Training is a great addition to your Wholeness learning library, and can deepen your experience with the processes.

After one Wholeness training, many people experience profound benefits in their life. Yet there is still so much to be learned, as the Wholeness Work is simple yet rich with subtlety. One training simply isn’t enough to fully understand it.

The Wholeness Work: A Complete Individual Session

This session gives a wonderful example of how to use the Wholeness Work with ourselves, or with our clients. Connirae works with the life issue Sarah brings in — she is finding pregnancy very difficult, feeling overwhelmed and unable to do even simple things like cooking dinner. Sarah has no background information about the process, so Connirae sets the frames needed to fully experience and benefit.

You will see how this simple method makes a substantial positive change for Sarah. This session also shows the beginning of how to teach someone to use this method as a life practice.

Video download, 1hr 20 min.

The Wholeness Work Meditation Demo

This 20 minute demonstration of the Wholeness Work Meditation Format is intended to accompany the forthcoming book, Coming to Wholeness, by Connirae Andreas. A full transcript of this session is included in the book’s Section III, which teaches the Wholeness Work Meditation Format.

Watching and listening to Connirae guide Pam through the process will add to your unconscious understanding of what can happen easily with this new transformational method.

However, this video is not a stand-alone demonstration. While the Wholeness Work Meditation Format is quite simple, it builds on the frames and experiences Connirae carefully develops in earlier portions of the live training. It will be easy for you to understand and use for transformation in your own life after reading the book.

A Gentle and Easy Path to Wholeness

Through the Wholeness Process, we learn to integrate what’s separate inside so that we are naturally and effortlessly whole. Wouldn’t Wholeness be worth exploring? See for yourself..