Stages of Transformation Video

Video Presentation with Connirae Andreas

*This video is taken from a bonus session in the 2020 Core Transformation Coach Certification Training. If you have some background experience with NLP, and/or with Core Transformation and the Wholeness Work, some parts of this video will be more meaningful.

Learn the dependable “stages” human beings go through as we develop and evolve.

Understanding these stages helps us both in making the changes we want in our own lives, and also in our work with clients. We can…

  • Notice the stage we (or a client) are at
  • Pick a change method that fits this stage
  • Notice when we need a method that goes to the next stage

The first 26 minutes of this video covers the Stages of Transformation.

You’ll learn the 6 Dimensions of Transformation, along with a few examples from Connirae’s life and experience with clients.

If you choose to continue watching, there’s an extra 20 minutes where Connirae answers questions including “What led you to develop Core Transformation and the Wholeness Work,” and “Are you going to have a certification pathway for the Wholeness Work?” Her answers aren’t what you might expect.

Extra Comments about the Video Content

Health & Physical Healing. In Dimension 2, Connirae talks about approaches to healing and health. We can support the body’s natural healing ability differently, depending upon the “stage” someone is ready for. In our courses, we also advise anyone dealing with a health condition to also seek input from a qualified health professional. “Mind” approaches are meant to supplement and support appropriate physical interventions. (If someone has a broken arm, we don’t just “think” our way to healing. A doctor might recommend putting the arm in a cast or using a plate to align the bones. We can then use “imagery” approaches to facilitate more rapid healing.)

Choosing a Method to fit the Stage of Transformation. Most change methods work primarily at one stage of development. However, a few methods can guide a person all the way from the early stages of transformation, through to the later stages of transformation. Core Transformation is one such method. This is one of the reasons it tends to be powerful for a wide range of people in a wide range of situations.

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