2 Day Training

Introducing the 2-Day Wholeness Video Training: Learn effective methods for "awakening" and resolving life's problems. Join us for 8 hours of video training, where you'll discover gentle techniques to dissolve the "I," resolve various issues, and experience deep relaxation for your nervous system.

  • Dissolve emotional issues and experience profound transformation.
  • Develop greater compassion, humor, and wisdom in dealing with remaining challenges.
  • Reset your relationship with yourself, your life, and the world while reducing stress and improving sleep quality

Learn New, Simple And Effective Methods For "Awakening" & Resolving Life's Problems.

The 8 hours of video training in this online course will teach you to gently dissolve the “I”, resolve a variety of problems from insomnia to relationship conflicts, and also teach you a different kind of meditation which can be very relaxing for the entire nervous system.

Why learn these techniques?

  • Naturally melt away many emotional issues.
  • Have greater compassion, humor, and wisdom with issues that remain.
  • Fundamentally "reset" your relationship with yourself, your life, & the world.
  • Dissolve stress with no forcing or will-power.
  • Resolve issues with authority or neediness.
  • Sleep deeper (very effective for this!).
  • Once you get good at it, use it "in real time" with life's challenges.

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2-Day Wholeness Video Training


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