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Dive deep into the heart of personal growth and self-discovery with a revolutionary method that blends the healing powers of self-reflection with the profound power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Whether you're navigating the challenges of everyday stress, seeking deeper emotional healing, or longing for a greater sense of inner peace and clarity, this book offers a clear, accessible path to awakening and wholeness. Through practical exercises, real-life success stories, and a compassionate approach to self-exploration, you'll unlock the doors to a more fulfilled, peaceful, and authentic life
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About The Author

Connirae Andreas, Ph.D., is a pivotal figure in the landscape of personal growth and healing. An internationally recognized trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), her contributions have significantly expanded and enriched the field. Dr. Andreas is most renowned for the Core Transformation process, an innovative method that facilitates profound change by accessing states of Peace, Oneness, and Presence. This gentle yet impactful approach has helped countless individuals on their paths to self-discovery.
Chapter Previews

Tara Brach shares her personal experience with the Wholeness Work, emphasizing its power to promote awakening and its alignment with key inquiries in spiritual life.

Connirae Andreas narrates her personal journey of discovery and healing through the Wholeness Work, underscoring its profound impact on her life and its foundation in both psychology and spirituality.

Discusses the paramount importance of deciding to consciously participate in one’s own unfolding and awakening, suggesting that this choice surpasses all other life decisions in significance.

Introduces the foundational exercise of identifying and experiencing the internal sense of 'I', highlighting the significance of this practice in the process of personal transformation.

Details a step-by-step process for applying Wholeness Work to personal issues, offering a method for discovering and integrating layers of 'I' to facilitate deep healing and transformation.

Presents a meditation format of the Wholeness Work designed for daily practice, aimed at resetting the nervous system and promoting sustained well-being and awareness.

Explores a format for reclaiming inner authority and power, targeting the healing of deep-seated feelings of embarrassment, shame, and related emotions.

Introduces a process for identifying and integrating aspects of the self that feel missing or incomplete, facilitating a sense of fullness and wholeness.

Provides techniques for improving sleep and rest through Wholeness Work, discussing its effects on sleep quality and the mind-body system's overall replenishment.

Addresses common questions about Wholeness Work, clarifying its principles and practices in comparison to other therapeutic and changework approaches.

Describes the comprehensive system of Wholeness Work, including its sequence of development and its innovative theory of personality.

Discusses the long-term impacts of practicing Wholeness Work, including the integration into daily life and the journey towards becoming a qualified coach in the methodology.

Offers additional resources such as Wholeness Work presuppositions, guidance on working with pain, and worksheets for personal practice.

Praise for The Wholeness Work Essential Guide: Level 1 - Healing & Awakening
The Wholeness Work Essential Guide Level 1
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