Coming To Wholeness
An accessible introduction to a simple, precise, profound, gentle, and complete way of personal transformation. While people often experience significant shifts from their first explorations with Wholeness Work, be prepared that the more you use it the more complete and full the transformation becomes

Connirae Andreas

Creator of the Wholeness Work

About The Book

A series of crises in the author’s life led her on an intensive search for solutions. The result is a new method of personal transformation that is simpler, gentler, more direct, and also appears to be more effective and dependable than previous approaches.

In this book, you’ll find real-life stories from people who’ve done this work and report:

  • A natural melting away of issues that previously seemed unresolvable
  • An increased sense of well being
  • A deep relaxation and resetting of the nervous system
  • Greater access to a natural wisdom, compassion, humor and creativity

This method has helped people with relationship issues, insomnia, difficult emotions, pre-migraine auras and much more. Even some physical issues have shown improvement. People report “It feels gentle-but has a powerful impact.”

Eastern Spirituality brings us concepts such as “enlightenment” and “loss of the ego.” But for many, the actual experience of these is mysterious and seems esoteric. Can a state of “enlightenment” actually be accessible to the ordinary person? In answering this question, Wholeness Work is a breakthrough in the fields of both spirituality and personal transformation. It isn’t a magic pill that you can try one time and then life is perfect. Instead, it’s a step-by-step approach that brings profound benefits to those seeking personal transformation and/or spiritual growth.

Doing the Wholeness Work feels like a kindness to yourself as you’re doing it; the only side effect is that your life continues improving – gradually and dependably.

If you want a simple, reliable, direct way to make life better, you’ve just found it.

About The Author

Connirae Andreas, Ph.D., is an internationally known trainer and developer of NLP whose work has helped define and broaden the field. She is best known for her development of the groundbreaking Core Transformation process, a method of gentle and profound transformation through accessing states of Peace, Oneness, and Presence (1989). Dr. Andreas is co-author of many books and training manuals, including Heart of the Mind, an engaging introduction and accessible “handbook” of key NLP methods. She and husband, Steve Andreas, have been influential in bringing NLP into greater public awareness: together, they created the classic Bandler-Grinder books Frogs into Princes, Trance-Formations, Reframing, and others, and improved the quality of NLP training worldwide as their NLP Training Manuals, books, and learning materials have become templates for many trainers around the globe. Their work has been translated into over 15 languages. Connirae’s developments also include the NLP grief process, timeline change work (with husband Steve Andreas), advanced language patterns, and parenting methods. With her most recent work, The Wholeness Work, Connirae once again has created a simple and precise method for experiencing what spiritual teachings talk about, in such a way that it transforms and heals our life “suffering.” In addition to the Andreas NLP Trainings website, the work of Dr. Andreas can be found at:

Coming To Wholeness
How to Awaken and Live with Ease

A concise guide to transformative Wholeness Work, bringing profound shifts and increased ease, humor, and grace in life.
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The book "Coming to Wholeness" presents a new method of personal transformation that offers a simpler, gentler, and more effective approach than previous methods. It shares real-life stories of individuals who have experienced the melting away of unresolved issues, increased well-being, relaxation of the nervous system, and access to natural wisdom, compassion, humor, and creativity.

The Wholeness Work method has been effective in addressing a range of issues, including relationship issues, insomnia, difficult emotions, pre-migraine auras, and even some physical issues. People who have used this method have reported a gentle yet powerful impact on their lives.

While traditional Eastern spirituality concepts like "enlightenment" and "loss of ego" can seem mysterious and esoteric, the Wholeness Work offers a breakthrough by making these concepts accessible to everyday people. It provides a step-by-step approach to personal transformation and spiritual growth, offering profound benefits to those seeking a reliable and direct way to improve their lives.

Doing the Wholeness Work feels like an act of kindness towards oneself. It is a gradual and dependable process that brings continuous improvement to one's life. The method is not a quick fix, but rather a reliable and direct way to make positive changes and enhance overall well-being.

The book "Coming to Wholeness" is available for purchase on Amazon. Click the provided link to get your copy and embark on a transformative journey towards wholeness.

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