Connirae Andreas, PhD.,
Developer of Core Transformation

The Wholeness Work is a new model and set of methods for therapy and spiritual development. It may be the most effective, simple, and direct method for what the spiritual masters are pointing at.

You can use this method to work on your “issues” too. It’s been useful for people with chronic sleep issues, sticky relationship problems, and troublesome emotional triggers.

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Benefits People are Getting from
The Wholeness Work:

“This simple process definitely works for me. While I’m doing it, no spiritual fireworks, « just » a deep, healing peace. Over time, for now: not an « egolessness », but a very gradual loss of attachment to « ego ». And that’s much more than I had hoped for when starting this program…. With…deep gratitude.”

Maarten Aalberse,, Clinical Psychologist, France

“The Wholeness Process created a huge breakthrough in my life. A breakthrough beyond my wildest expectations. I could not believe that it’s possible to have such a big change with a process that is so simple and easy, and yet so extremely profound. Connirae is a true master when it comes to change. She combines her unbelievable skilled NLP Mastery with an understanding beyond words about the deepest realms of your soul.”

Martin Weiss,, Coach, Germany

“The Wholeness Process is an effective, simple, and direct method for spiritual awakening, as well as for your own personal development or therapy. From my personal experience, I am delighted to recommend this program. If I can follow it and get a lot from it, then I suspect you will too.”

Shelle Rose Charvet, , NLP Trainer, author of Words That Change Minds, Canada

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  • Read along with the English subtitles to improve comprehension (también contamos con subtítulos en Español)

  • Become a totally perfected, enlightened being just by watching this video. OK, this one’s not likely. While I do think this method is what the spiritual masters are talking about, Enlightenment isn’t exactly what we think it is.

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What Participants in the Full 8-Hour Online Training are Saying:

“[The full 8-hour online training was] life changing in the sense that my access to equanimity has never been as stable and profound. Enabled me finally to stop caffeine and sugar successfully. Equanimity when my young daughter’s goal is conflicting with mine. I.e. being late for school. The shifting between wholeness and separation appears to have ceased since using this method. When I began the I’s were smaller and more solid. Now they tend to be very subtle, hazy ‘energies’ which cover more space. So without needing it to, the process continues. I think it goes deeper than anything else.”

- Danny, , The Wholeness Process Online Training Participant

“Excellent. A profound experience which has been far more useful and effective for me than any past ‘mindfulness’ experiences. Thank you for this course!Benefits: Better quality of sleep. Deeper relaxation.Increase in general well-being. Most Useful: I particularly like the group guided process as have found the audio prompts within that video, and the tone, pace and language from Connirae most useful and helpful, in order to follow the process by myself.”

- Jason Fletcher, , The Wholeness Process Online Training Participant

“I love it! I’m just about to be ordained as an interfaith minister, and have spent two years exploring how the spiritual journey ‘fits’ with the personal development one. This is beautiful work: elegant and effective. Doing this process very quickly takes me into the awareness of ‘All That Is’. It’s not yet my default response, but I sense it will become increasingly automatic as a means of reminding myself of wholeness when I’ve separated into an ego part.”

- Julia MacDonald, , The Wholeness Process Online Training Participant

“excellent — I love it. I have used it with clients and it always helps get to deep levels quickly. I have found it is particularly good when there is a lot of emotional resistance and frustration as it allows you to let go of that and just follow the process.”

- Anonymous, , The Wholeness Process Online Training Participant

“I have been meditating, and contemplating for 40 years and the Wholeness Process gives me greater flexibility and refined tools for accomplishing stillness.”

- Ray Haiduk, , The Wholeness Process Online Training Participant

“This is powerful! I love it. I want to use it more — after some more study of the program.”

- Elizabeth Nostedt, , The Wholeness Process Online Training Participant

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