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Boulder, USA - Connirae Andreas, NLP legend and developer of Core Transformation™ discovered in 2007 a new mind-body technology called Wholeness Work™. Over the last 15 years, the method has been fine-tuned and an initial global network of teachers and coaches has been built. In response to the post-Covid mental health pandemic and the growing need for self-care and personal growth, Wholeness Work invites press and influencers to experience Wholeness Work for free, so those with a voice can help share this new mind-body technology with the world.

What is Wholeness Work: Both Radical And Gentle

Wholeness answers the age-old question ‘Who am I’ in an experiential way. In this sense, it is radical. It is gentle in that it offers a gradual awakening process without forcing anything.Wholeness Work is a method of personal development that integrates body, mind, and spirit. It helps to uncover and transform the limiting beliefs, emotions, and patterns that hold us back and it helps to connect with our authentic selves and inner wisdom.

What Does It Bring?

Results range from ‘deep relaxation to healing on different levels to ‘experiencing the bliss of realizing the I as Awareness itself. And often a combination of all of these. Wholeness Work offers additional benefits such as improved well-being, health, humor, and constructive relationships. The good news is that this inner healing and transformation feels like a relaxation of “effort that we didn’t even realize we were making.” Wholeness Work can bring deep healing in one sessionWholeness Work can bring deep healing in one session, with increasing results when used as a life practice.

How Wholeness Work Was Developed

Connirae Andreas says, “I was relaxing and meditating and I heard in my mind Ramana Maharshi’s message, ‘Ask yourself, Who am I? over and over until you know who you really are’. And I wondered, ‘What is this ‘I’ anyway?’ The spiritual teachers say it doesn’t exist, so we ignore it. But maybe it does exist on the inside. In my mind. So I asked inside, ‘Where’s the ‘i’?’ ‘Where is the ‘i’ located?’ If it does exist, then of course, it has to have a location. Everything that exists has a location. Things on the outside have a location, and thoughts have a location in the inner landscape. So when I asked, “Where is the ‘i’?” I immediately became aware of a location in front and a bit to the left of my forehead. Then I thought, “If this ‘i’ isn’t “real,” perhaps it can just relax back into the whole field of Awareness that’s everywhere at once.” So I invited that to happen. I didn’t feel anything powerful, no lights went off, no fireworks. But I did experience a quite subtle sense of relaxation.
It took quite a bit more experimenting for me to recognize that this was the beginning of a powerful way of inner transformation. It wasn’t the whole thing. Not even close. But it was the beginning.


This gentle path that brings an experiential answer to the age-old question ‘Who am I’ has never been taught before. Wholeness Work as a method is revolutionary in that it makes it possible for the I to experience itself as Awareness, via a structured process that can be repeated at will.

Who is Connirae Andreas?

With over 30 years of experience as and as the inventor of Core Transformation, Connirae Andreas has devoted her life to cracking the code to Self Realization.

Invitation To Selected Press And Influencers

In response to the post-Covid mental health pandemic and the growing need for self-care and personal growth, Wholeness Work invites press and influencers with a focus on personal development, mental health, and spiritual growth, to experience a Wholeness Work session for free, either with a local Wholeness Coach or with Connirae Andreas herself (limited availability). This is an opportunity to test and experience the benefits of Wholeness Work firsthand and to spread the word about this powerful approach to healing and transformation. Interviews with Connirae can be scheduled on a limited basis.

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