Connirae Andreas


“The wellbeing that comes through this process isn't dependent upon success of having the right relationship, etc. And yet when we are living from this kind of authentic wellbeing, life does tend to go better.”

About Connirae Andreas

Connirae Andreas, Ph.D., is a pivotal figure in the landscape of personal growth and healing. An internationally recognized trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), her contributions have significantly expanded and enriched the field. Dr. Andreas is most renowned for the Core Transformation process, an innovative method that facilitates profound change by accessing states of Peace, Oneness, and Presence. This gentle yet impactful approach has helped countless individuals on their paths to self-discovery.

Pioneering Wholeness

As a co-author of influential books like "Heart of the Mind" and a contributor to the seminal works of NLP with Steve Andreas, including "Frogs into Princes," Connirae's expertise has crafted a rich legacy. Her work extends to transformative techniques such as the NLP grief process, timeline change work, and parenting methods. Dr. Andreas's latest development, The Wholeness Work, is a testament to her ongoing commitment to creating methodologies that bring spiritual teachings into practical, everyday application, easing the life "suffering" that many experience.


  • Developed the Core Transformation process, a cornerstone in transformative personal practices.
  • Co-authored key NLP books and manuals that serve as foundational learning tools worldwide.
  • Innovations in NLP have been translated into over 15 languages, cementing her global influence.
  • Continues to evolve the field with The Wholeness Work, providing tools for profound personal and spiritual transformation.

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Vision Statement

Our vision is a world where every individual has access to the tools and understanding necessary to navigate their inner landscapes. The Wholeness Work stands as a beacon, offering a clear and accessible path towards profound personal transformation. We strive to empower each person to uncover their innate capacity for healing, growth, and a deeper connection with the essence of who they truly are. Through this work, we aim to cultivate a global community anchored in authenticity, compassion, and wholeness.

Coming To Wholeness
How to Awaken and Live with Ease

A concise guide to transformative Wholeness Work, bringing profound shifts and increased ease, humor, and grace in life.
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