3 Day Training

The 3-Day Wholeness Video Training is a valuable addition to your Wholeness learning library, offering a deeper understanding of the methods taught. Gain profound benefits in your life as you explore the rich subtleties of the Wholeness Work through this extended training.

  • Deepen your understanding of the Wholeness Work and experience lasting transformation.
  • Expand your knowledge of the methods and gain a more profound insight into their applications.
  • Benefit from attending the training two or even three times to fully grasp the nuances and depth of the teachings.

3-Day Wholeness Training On Streaming Video

The 3-Day Wholeness Training is a great addition to your Wholeness learning library, and can deepen your experience with the methods.

(If you’re new to the Wholeness Work, we recommend that you start with the 2-Day Wholeness Video Training.)

After one Wholeness training, many people experience profound benefits in their life. Yet there is still so much to be learned, as the Wholeness Work is simple yet rich with subtlety. One training simply isn’t enough to fully understand it.

Whether you apply the Wholeness Work to your own growth or in your work with others, most people benefit greatly from attending the training two — or even three — times. With more training, you are more likely to fully understand, both mentally and viscerally, the nuance and depth of what is being taught.

What's included in this program Note about Context

This 3-day Wholeness training began a few days after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and for quite a few participants this left an emotional impact. During personal introductions at the beginning of the training, many participants spoke of wanting to address their own anxiety and unsettled internal states as they explored the material.

While these introductions have been deleted out of respect for privacy, note that this is the context within which Connirae opens the Extended Training, with useful framing to address to this “elephant in the room.”

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3-Day Wholeness Video Training


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