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Coming to Wholeness An Interview with Connirae Andreas by Rachel Hott I recently had the opportunity to do a Skype interview with Connirae Andreas, about her new work, called the Wholeness Process. We have known each other since the early 80’s. I have always admired her intelligence and capability to teach NLP and develop innovative processes. She […]

Wholeness Work & Phantom Limb Pain by Sebastian Mauritz I have worked with eight clients on phantom limb pain using Wholeness Work (formats from days one and two of the training), and the results exceeded my expectations. Five of them experienced significant positive results, both with their “pain” and in their ability to adapt resourcefully in […]

Transforming Anxiety With The Wholeness Work Introduction by Connirae Andreas. Do you or someone you care about suffer from anxiety? What about sleep issues? Stacey had tried many things, and while she’d made some improvement, nothing really worked. That is until she found the Wholeness Work. Stacey shares her story here, about how she finally […]

Stages of Transformation: Accessing Deeper Levels of Change by Connirae Andreas Originally published in Rapport Magazine, Autumn 2019, under the title “Rethinking Transformation: Accessing Deeper Levels of Change.” All children go through stages of development on a physical level. We shepherd them from newborn baby status, to “crawlers,” followed by “toddlers” who learn to walk and run. […]

My Personal Journey of Discovery: How the Wholeness Work Came to Be by Connirae Andreas At the end of my annual physical about six years ago, my doctor turned to me, and said with uncharacteristic enthusiasm, “Last time I saw you, you arrived in a wheelchair. I’m really glad to see you’re doing so well!” […]

The Wholeness Work: An Interview on The Wholeness Work Method And The German Book Edition with Its Founder And Author Dr. Connirae Andreas Interview by Dr. Ludger Brüning Originally published on the DVNLP website in German. Ludger Brüning (LB): You were still a graduate student in a PhD program in clinical psychology when you found […]

Stages of Transformation Video Video Presentation with Connirae Andreas *This video is taken from a bonus session in the 2020 Core Transformation Coach Certification Training. If you have some background experience with NLP, and/or with Core Transformation and the Wholeness Work, some parts of this video will be more meaningful. Learn the dependable “stages” human […]

Coming To Wholeness
How to Awaken and Live with Ease

A concise guide to transformative Wholeness Work, bringing profound shifts and increased ease, humor, and grace in life.
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