A growing group of individuals who are skilled in Wholeness Work are available for trainings and/or coaching sessions in Wholeness methods and principles. The trainers on the list below have all worked extensively with Connirae Andreas in live Wholeness Trainings, and have used Wholeness methods with themselves and with coaching clients.

Tamara Andreas
Tamara Andreas is an international transformational seminar leader and co-author of the book, Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within, and the Core Transformation Training Manual. She has been bringing the Core Transformation work to people around the world for over two decades, and has been the lead trainer for this process and for the Wholeness Work trainings in Asia. She has used Core Transformation in depth in her own life, which enriches what she offers in both trainings and private coaching sessions. Since 2007, Tamara has been offering in-depth Core Transformation Trainings in Japan, where she now teaches a customized training series and mentors a growing group of members of the Japan Core Transformation Trainer’s Association. People trust Tamara’s adept skill in creating safety and clarity through which to explore their own transformations. Her heartfelt and gentle style, along with her mastery of the material, make her a well-loved and effective Trainer. Tamara makes presentations tailored for business groups, health professionals and educators. She lives and works with her husband and son in Colorado.

“Tamara was magnificent! Her skill, patience, and love shone through! By Sunday as the workshop was ending, everyone was glowing.”

Mark Andreas
Mark Andreas teaches NLP for the NLP Practitioner Program, for Redrocks Community College, and for private sponsors in many locations. He also has a Personal Change private practice in Boulder CO, where he offers individual sessions assisting people in achieving life-goals and resolving limitations using NLP, Core Transformation, Metaphors of Movement, and other methods for personal transformation and development. Visit for more details.
Mark’s past experience includes having worked in wilderness therapy as a counselor/trip-leader for the Monarch Center for Family Healing where he was in charge of facilitating groups of “troubled” youth on a daily basis both in individual therapy and group process. Mark’s most recent book, Waltzing with Wolverines: Finding Connection and Cooperation with Troubled Teens, offers a fresh and effective approach useful with teens and “kids of all ages.” In Mark’s unique style, this book teaches through stories and examples, making it a fun read. Mark is also author of the book Sweet Fruit From The Bitter Tree: 61 Stories Of Creative And Compassionate Ways Out Of Conflict,” endorsed by Dan Millman and William Ury. You can follow his blog here and learn more about his work on his website:
Mark has been involved with the Wholeness Work from its beginning, coaching at the first two trainings offered. Having now coached for 6 live Wholeness Trainings (5 with Connirae Andreas, and 1 with Tamara Andreas), Mark has been using Wholeness Work with individual clients, and introducing people to Wholeness Work at conferences around the US. He will be teaching Wholeness in Russia this Fall.
Ralph Köbler
Since 1987, Ralph Köbler has taken numerous NLP Trainings and is a certified trainer from the Austrian Society for NLP. He owns Ecruiting Solutions Consulting, a recruiting consulting firm offering scientifically constructed, web based personality profiles based on meta programs and the value model of Clare W. Graves.
Ralph is the author of the book, New Paths in Recruiting – More Effectiveness with the Graves Model and Metaprograms (“Neue Wege im Recruiting – Mehr Effektivität mit Gravesmodell und Metaprogrammen” – German only). He uses the Applying Graves model, Core Transformation™ and the Wholeness Work™ for personal and transpersonal development in coaching and training.
Ralph has extensive experience learning and coaching in live Wholeness trainings with the developer, Connirae Andreas. As of Spring 2018, this includes 18 days of live training with Connirae, 14 days of which were as a translator and/or coach. He translated the Wholeness Training Participant Manual into German. Ralph is President of the European Association for The Wholeness Work, which has been founded with the purpose of providing quality resources and support for those wanting to learn Wholeness Work in Europe.
Ralph lives with his wife and two children in Vienna, Austria. You can learn more about Ralph’s work at his website:
Sebastian Mauritz
Sebastian’s motto is, “Whatever you do, do it from a good state.” That’s why he loves The Wholeness Work, where he has extensive experience learning and coaching The Wholeness Work with Connirae. Sebastian is Vice-President of the European Association for The Wholeness Work, which has co-founded to bring Connirae’s work to Europe. He wants to provide quality resources and support for those wanting to learn Wholeness Work in Europe, starting with his work in Germany.
As a master trainer and master coach in the field of NLP as well as resilience, Sebastian works with individuals, teams and organizations, to increase the level of resilience and empathic communication for better understanding and collaboration.
He has authored four books on self-esteem, stress management, effective work, workplace ergonomics. His fifth book will be published in March 2019 titled “Immune to problems, stress, crisis.”
Sebastian lives in Goettingen, Germany. For more information about his work check out or
Ulrich Bührle

Ulrich Bührle is a pedagogue, business trainer, and life coach. He trains and enables coaches in The Wholeness Work®, NLP, and The Work of Byron Katie. He lives in Germany /Stuttgart. In 2018, he first came into contact with The Wholeness Work and immediately recognized the deep value of using it with himself and his coachees. Since then, he has been utilizing these breakthrough methods to help leaders in companies reduce stress, become empowered and innovative. Meanwhile, he integrates The Wholeness Work into his leadership trainings on the topics of Mindset Shift, Presencing Leadership, and Whole-Brain-Leadership. His strength as a trainer is making training content experiential with ease, depth, and humor. He is Vice President of the EATWW e.V.

Visit for more information.

Deepa Somani

Deepa Somani has a keen interest in learning and sharing the modalities that uplift the quality of human life through Mental Health and Spiritual Evolution. Her primary focus is on Teaching and sharing The Wholeness Work, both in person and in online sessions using skype and zoom. She has been working closely with Connirae for many years, coordinating many of her Wholeness trainings, and leading practice groups. She also offers live Wholeness Trainings in India and internationally. Deepa has experience guiding others in the Wholeness Work, Core Transformation, NLP and Metaphors of Movement. She is also inspired and is experienced in working with young adults.

You can contact Deepa at [email protected]

Maria Marcela Devoted

I am Maria Marcela Devoted. I am a Trainer in Wholeness Work, Trainer in NLP, Self-Esteem Practitioner and an English translator and teacher. I am passionate about accompanying the possibility of change and growth of people, I admire their resilience and will to progress.

When I read “Coming to Wholeness” for the first time in English and started practicing The Wholeness Work, I was surprised to discover that I could change attitudes, thoughts and reactions that I didn’t like, and that I had never been able to change thoroughly with other methods. And I immediately committed to taking it to the Spanish-speaking community. So I got permission from Connirae Andreas to translate it. And at the same time I trained with her as a coach and trainer, collaborating with her courses for more than three years.

You can contact Marcela at [email protected]

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