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Wholeness Levels II-IV

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Advanced Wholeness: Levels II – IV

You can now participate in a series of Advanced Wholeness trainings from Level II all the way through Level IV! 

If you’ve already taken the Wholeness Foundation Training, you’re already becoming familiar with the sometimes subtle and sometimes profound shifts the Wholeness Work can make in our life and experience. The good news is that there’s more. Much more.

When fully understood, the Wholeness Work can assist in a lifetime of continuing transformation, increasing our wellbeing, our creativity, our emotional intelligence, and perhaps results that go beyond our ability to describe with words. When people “get stuck” with Wholeness Work practice, or find themselves not interested in doing it, it’s usually a sign that they either *need the next level of Wholeness Work methods, or *they need assistance in noticing and including what’s actually happening in their experience. In the Levels II through IV trainings, we’ll be getting lots of experience with both. Plus you’ll have the inspiration and support that comes from learning and practicing as part of our growing Wholeness Work community.

With each additional level of Wholeness training, you’ll learn

  • More Wholeness formats—each one will give you unique ways of discovering and transforming unconscious programming.
  • How to adapt your practice to your new needs as your system transforms.
  • More Wholeness principles. Including additional “directions of integration.”
  • About the “stages of transformation”

In each training, you’ll have the opportunity to watch demonstrations, do exercises in breakout rooms, with skilled coaches present when you have questions.

The more you learn, the easier and more spontaneous your Wholeness Work practice becomes.

What does Live Online Mean?

Our live-online trainings are very close to in person trainings. You’ll be able to watch me demonstrate each method with a volunteer, then use breakout “rooms” to do each exercise in pairs. You’ll have access to on-the-spot coaching as you do the guided exercises with other participants in pairs.


Advanced Wholeness - Live Online

Wholeness Level II

January 2025 Program:

Session Dates: ( 10 am – 1 pm Denver time) 

  • January 7 (Tuesday) 3 hrs.
  • January 11 (Saturday) 3 hrs.
  • January 14 (Tuesday) 3 hrs.
  • January 18 (Saturday) 3 hrs.
  • January 21 (Tuesday) 2 hrs.
Bonus (optional) Practice Group: 
Thursdays, Jan 11, 18, 25. 
Start time: 10:00 am Denver time. Each practice group is 90 minutes.1
Tuition: $395

Wholeness Level III

(Days 5 & 6 equivalent)

February, 2025 Program

Prerequisite: This is the next step after Wholeness Level II

Session Dates: (Sessions are 3 hours, 10 am – 1 pm Denver time)

  • February 4 (Tuesday) 3 hrs.
  • February 8 (Saturday) 3 hrs.
  • February 11 (Tuesday) 3 hrs.
  • February 15 (Saturday) 3 hrs.
  • February 18 (Tuesday) 2 hrs. Bonus Consultation Session with Connirae.
Bonus (optional) Practice Group: 
Feb 8, 15, 22  (Thursdays)
Start time: 10:00 am Denver time. Each practice group is 90 minutes
Tuition: $450

Wholeness Level IV

(Days 7 & 8 equivalent)

March, 2025 Program

Prerequisite: This is the next step after Wholeness Level III

This training includes 4 Webinars (3 hours each), plus one bonus Consultation Meeting:

  • March 4 (Tuesday) 3 hrs.
  • March 8 (Saturday) 3 hrs.
  • March 11 (Tuesday) 3 hrs.
  • March 15 (Saturday) 3 hrs.
  • March 18 (Tuesday) 2 hrs. Bonus Consultation Session with Connirae.
Bonus (optional) Practice Group: 
March 7, 14, 21 (Thursdays)
Start time: 10:00 am Denver time. Each session is 90 minutes.
Tuition: $495
Coaching Assistants

In addition to Connirae, experienced coaches will be present to support you in getting the most out of each exercise.


Each Webinar will be recorded, so that you have the option of reviewing the training to learn more. (The paired exercises will be private and not recorded.) We encourage live attendance, but if you need to miss a session the recording will give you a way to catch up. When you register for the training, you’ll be asked to sign a release giving permission for this use, and also possible use in creating future learning materials. (In the event of use for future learning materials, we are sensitive to any requests to omit a small portion if doing so doesn’t compromise the flow of the training.) .

(For Advanced Wholeness Work Practitioners)

Purpose: This is a next step for advanced Wholeness Work students, to support you in continue deepening your practice with yourself and with your clients. Get individualized consultation re: what’s happening in your personal practice, and/or work with clients. Q & A, mini demos, occasional guided group process.

Prerequisite: Wholeness Level IV. (i.e. Wholeness Training through Day 8 of an “in person” training.)

Schedule: Currently meeting once/month, 3rd Monday of each Month, at 10:00 am Denver Colorado time.

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My Personal Interest In Teaching This

From my experience so far, I believe Wholeness Work has the potential to guide each of us individually on a path that is transformative. And because it brings more wisdom, clarity, compassion and humor, it can bring needed healing and transformation to our world.

I would like to support those wanting this deep transformation, and those wanting to coach others, to have the skills and experience that will make this possible. That’s the purpose of this Advanced Wholeness Work Series.

I’ll be including as much as I can fit in of what I’ve learned over the past decade exploring this work in my own life.

Connirae Andreas

Connirae Andreas, Ph.D., is an internationally known trainer and developer of NLP whose work has helped define and broaden the field. She is best known for her development of the groundbreaking Core Transformation process, a method of gentle and profound transformation through accessing states of Peace, Oneness, and Presence (1989). Dr. Andreas is co-author of many books and training manuals, including Heart of the Mind, an engaging introduction and accessible “handbook” of key NLP methods. She and husband, Steve Andreas, have been influential in bringing NLP into greater public awareness: together, they created the classic Bandler-Grinder books Frogs into PrincesTrance-FormationsReframing, and others, and improved the quality of NLP training worldwide as their NLP Training Manuals, books, and learning materials have become templates for many trainers around the globe. Their work has been translated into over 15 languages. Connirae’s developments also include the NLP grief process, timeline change work (with husband Steve Andreas), advanced language patterns, and parenting methods. With her most recent work, The Wholeness Work, Connirae once again has created a simple and precise method for experiencing what spiritual teachings talk about, in such a way that it transforms and heals our life “suffering.” In addition to the Andreas NLP Trainings website, the work of Dr. Andreas can be found at:


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