The Wholeness Work

Awaken as consciousness

Discover a new “path to awakening” and way of resolving life problems, including difficult emotions, relationship issues, insomnia, and much more. Easy, gentle and kind.

"When we are living in a state of authentic wellbeing, life tends to improve."

– Connirae Andreas

Benefits of Wholeness Work


Wholeness Work

is helping people in more areas than we ever thought it would. It does this by accessing a more fundamental aspect of the structure of our psyche than we could previously reach. It’s simple, gentle, and opens the doorway to a more joyful, loving, creative, and fulfilling life.

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Request the free Wholeness Work Webinar with Connirae. Discover the foundational questions and witness a brief demo.

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22junAll DayWholeness Level I In Person (June 2024)The heart of Wholeness Work + authority workDescriptionImmerse yourself in the Experience the basics of the Wholeness Work system/method to release blocks and patterns. The formats as shared in Level 1 will give you a set of powerful tools to to work with yourself on a daily basis on a wide range of topics.

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Immerse yourself in a delightful selection of enriching articles, and videos that will gently guide you towards a deeper understanding of the transformative power of Wholeness Work.

Coming To Wholeness
How to Awaken and Live with Ease

A concise guide to transformative Wholeness Work, bringing profound shifts and increased ease, humor, and grace in life.
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